Body Sugaring

Oh, Honey! Want to be bare down there?  Do it the sweet way. Get sugared. From brows to toes, sugaring is a great way to get rid of unwanted hair. Sugaring is the ancient art of body hair removal used and perfected by Egyptians thousands of years ago. The sugar paste is an all natural warm paste made up of only sugar, water, and lemon juice. Unlike waxing, it's free of resins, chemicals, preservatives, and dyes, making it great for sensitive skin.  It looks and feels similar to honey.

The sugar is first massaged (molded) onto the skin with a gloved hand, and then flicked off in the natural direction of hair growth taking any hair with it. This unique application eliminates breakage and lessens the chance for ingrown hairs, and causes less discomfort than waxing.

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